Custom Mirror Based Dining Table

The custom mirror based dining table began life as a bespoke table made to a customers specifications, but we were so pleased with the outcome that we made it a ‘made to order’ standard product.

The table consists of a sheet of toughened glass, resting elegantly upon six metal pillars, that are fixed to a mirrored base. The result is a beautiful dining table that makes a statement in any home. the custom mirror based dining table, is large in size and so it lends itself perfectly to large families or for dinner parties and its design means that whoever sits around this beautiful table is sure to be impressed.

Due to this tables history of being a custom piece that has become a ‘made to order’ standard product you also get the luxury of knowing you are one of the first exclusive owners of this luxurious glass dining table. To find out more about this product pleaseĀ click here.

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