FAQ about ‘usable space’

What do we mean by ‘usable space’

Something we often get asked about is the ‘usable space’ of our products. This is a valid question that people can sometimes neglect to consider. Essentially what people mean by ‘usable space’ is how much of the interior space is actually usable. For instance the external dimensions of a GEM cinema wide glass Hi-Fi stand measures 1350mm x 500mm however this does not take into account the legs of the product which reduces the usable space by 110mm. This leaves the interior width of usable space measuring 1240mm x 390mm.

The usable width of your product is important to consider. If you fail to accurately take this into account you could end up with a stand that wont hold your equipment.

Futureglass is always happy to discuss any issues or queries you may have with our furniture. If you wish to discuss anything with one of our representatives please feel free to contact us. If you would like to view our full range of innovative glass furniture please click here.5-pole-cinema-stainless-legs.jpg

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