What Is Toughened Glass?

Here at Futureglass we use toughened glass as standard on our products, however we appreciate that it might no be immediately obvious what that actually means and so within this article we thought we would explain it.

Annealed or ‘standard’ glass, is the kind of glass you might find in windows or glass cups and is generally quite fragile. Annealed glass tends to break into large jagged shards when damaged and can lead to serious injuries, in fact there are building codes in many areas of the world that actually regulate the use of annealed glass in areas with a high risk of breaking. The reason that annealed glass is brittle and forms large shards when broken is because annealed glass contains microscopic cracks on the surface of the glass. These cracks are the reason annealed glass is so fragile and also why it becomes so dangerous and sharp when broken.

Futureglass doesn’t use annealed glass, we use toughened glass which complies with British safety standards BS EN 12150-2:2004, the updated version of BS 6206. for more information about our safety standards and certifications please visit our “about us” section or if you have any further questions regarding this, or any of our other products please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Toughened glass is not only stronger than annealed glass, but it is also also significantly safer and this is why we believe that this glass is the perfect material for making contemporary glass furniture. To browse our full range of toughened glass products click here.

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