Custom Coffee And Dining Tables

These tables were created to a customers specifications, as he liked our products and designs but he was looking for something unique and designed to meet his needs exactly, and of course Futureglass was more than happy to oblige.

The customer wanted us to make him three tables; two coffee tables (a large and small one), and a dining table. He wanted the coffee tables to match and he didn’t want them to detract from the existing design scheme.

In order to build the coffee tables, we took an existing design that we had, and modified it as the customer had previously expressed a liking for the design, and we set about tackling the issue of making sure that it didn’t detract from the existing interior.

The first problem we tackled was the glass, the standard design on the existing design was our standard glass which has a green tint, so we decided to replace this with low iron glass which removes the green tint and doesn’t distort colours viewed through it, this allowed the tables to be placed in the living room without affecting the colour scheme already in there.

Next we had to tackle the issue of the table legs, we supply wooden legs as standard features on many of our products however the customers living room featured a very distinctive and unique colour and wood style flooring, and so in an effort to match the wood floor we were provided with a sample of the timber used, and put our wooden legs through a bleaching and distressing process until we were happy that the legs and the floor matched perfectly.

With the coffee tables now done it was time to turn our attention to the dining table.

The dining table, due to being separate from the previous two tables, didn’t have to match the coffee tables so we decided to use a loop ended satin polished frame for the dining table, which worked perfectly in the customers dining room. We used our stainless steel welding skills to create the loop and hand finished in house for maximum quality control.

Futureglass believes that when it comes to your furniture you should never have to settle for less than the perfect product, after all it is your home so it should look the way you want it. This is why we offer a bespoke service, for when our standard products don’t quite meet your needs. To enquire further about our bespoke service or to see what we can do for you please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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