About us;

We believe in clarity of communication between a company and its clients and so we thought we’d put together this page to let you get to know a bit more about us. Futureglass is a designer and manufacturer of high quality contemporary glass furniture. Located in Braintree, Essex. Futureglass is made up of a team of highly skilled professional designers and builders who believe in supplying only the best in glass furniture. We supply products for all applications, from the bedroom to the boardroom and everything in between. To see the full range of our products and services or, visit us at our website.

Futureglass is an ISO certified company with over ten years industry experience. Initially we designed and manufactured a range of performance enhancing HI-FI stands that we call the GEM range, which proved successful and spurred us into diversifying our product range. We branched into making contemporary glass furniture for domestic and retail purposes. This includes everything from boardroom tables to innovative home lighting.

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