The V8 Table

V8 table

Futureglass designs and manufactures a wide range of contemporary glass furniture to outstanding quality, however we know that sometimes the perfect product for you, simply doesn’t exist yet. This is why we offer a bespoke service, for those times where you know exactly what you want you just need someone to bring it to life. We apply our expert craftsmanship and design knowledge to your ideas, because when it comes to your home or office, why settle for less than perfect, it was with this belief that we designed the V8 table.

The V8 table is a bespoke item we provided for a customer looking for something tailored to him specifically, and we were happy to help. The V8 table is made from a genuine V8 engine block. We used the pistons as supports for the toughened glass top that was secured to the pistons via our UV bonding process, ensuring a strong secure connection built to last.

The V8 table is just one of many examples of what we can produce for you, so if you’re looking for bespoke glass furniture why not contact us.

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