Weight Test for Cinema GEM Lite Hi-Fi Stand

Our GEM Lite Hi-Fi stands are very popular with many audio and film enthusiasts.

below you can find images of our weight test, this is to showcase our stress test for weight requirements for your audio set-up for AMPS, Stereos and Sky Digital Boxes. Our toughened glass allows users to place large amounts of weight on the glass shelves, giving you the freedom you need to place whatever audio/visual equipment you want on your shelves. Below you can see some of our HI-FI stands being stress tested, and successfully withstanding 38 kg on one shelf alone, to add some context to that, a sky box only weighs 4.2 kilograms. Futureglass HI-FI stands are more than qualified for the job, to find out more about our HI-FI racks click here.


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