Shop Fittings

Shop fittings

Glass can be used for a wide range of applications, shop fittings for example. For shops that require a lot of shelving, glass is the ideal material.

Glass is transparent which allows it to display products better than most other materials, and if nothing is obscuring your products they then have the most chance of being noticed.

Due to its smooth appearance and clean lines, glass shelving units can also prevent your shop from looking cluttered and glass naturally blends in perfectly with any design scheme, so should you choose to redecorate you wont need to replace your fittings.

Take for instance this shop fitting we did for a company that sells glasses, in this case the fitting not only made the shop look great, providing a clean environment in which to store their product, but it also actually helped to reinforce the companies primary focus.

We can also manufacture bespoke glass cabinets for keeping your items secure whilst still beautifully displaying them. Glass cabinets can be produced with sliding doors, and a locking mechanism, offering you both style and security. For information about our shop fittings and what we can do for you, please contact us by CLICKING HERE.

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