Glass Screening For the Office Or Reception

Glass screening has become an increasingly popular addition to the office, due to its flexibility and flawless style. Glass screening has multiple advantages over more traditional screening materials, for instance glass has that contemporary look, with its clean leans and smooth design. Glass screening has the benefit of allowing you to zone off an area, for breakout areas or small meeting areas, without blocking light, meaning you can create a blocked off are without making it feel like one. This tends to work perfectly in open plan offices because it allows for privacy without disrupting the overall flow of the room. Screening can also be moved and rearranged as and when you want, allowing you the flexibility of designing temporary spaces for the duration of a project or just for a private meeting.

Glass can be customised to great extents, available in different types of glass, such as standard toughened or low iron toughed (you can find out more about low iron glass here), you can have it coloured to match your corporate identity, have it sandblasted and you can even include your logo on it.

Glass screening is flexible, practical and stylish and therefore a must have product for any business looking to capitalise on space without sacrificing style. To find out more about our glass screening click here.

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