Here at Futureglass we don’t just design and make our own products, but we also supply components to manufacturers. We were approached by DaRo Products to make a custom glass table top for them, they were looking to make a table for their reception that was both stylish and elegant but also showed off what their company was about in a professional manner. DaRo is a high quality design and manufacturing company (more info can be found HERE) and so had manufactured the base themselves, all they needed was a custom size glass tabletop to complete the table but it was also important that the tabletop didn’t detract from their main focus, the table leg. This is why they turned to us as we have a specialty in custom sized toughened glass table tops. Glass works perfectly for the desired purpose as it lends an air of sophistication and professionalism whilst also always allowing the beautifully engineered support to remain in sight.

Products like these are great as they allow you to easily show exactly what you do in a very clear and concise way whilst also showing that you believe in your company enough to actively invest not just money, but also your own time, it shows that you believe in your company, and when a customer walks into your reception, seeing products like this will tell them all that.

Not only does it show that DaRo believes in their company though, it also shows that they and us here at Futureglass understand the value and the benefit that can be attained from good working relationships with other companies, which again will instil your prospective clients and customers with the confidence that you are a trustworthy, reliable and professional business.

To find out more about our bespoke services click HERE.

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