Minardi Formula One Bespoke Table

The Minardi Formula One Bespoke Table

Recently we produced a one of a kind, custom table featuring an exhaust from one of legendary racing team Minardi’s actual cars.

The stunning table is made of low iron glass (find out more here) so as not to obscure any angle of the beautiful craftsmanship that went into this exhaust, resulting in an elegant floating effect.

The exhaust is taken from a very rare Minardi Cosworth 2004 PS04B V10 Formula 1 car, as driven by Gianmaria Bruni and Zsolt Baumgartner.

These 2004 periscope inconel exhausts are particularly attractive due to the fact they were designed to exit through the top rear section of the side pods, in contrast to the more common design that exited through the diffuser or the flush.

Such an elegantly manufactured piece of engineering deserved only the finest housing, something we were certainly capable of supplying. To find out more about how our bespoke services can help you please contact us by clicking here. Or to see our extensive product range click here

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