Custom Sneeze Counters

 Sneeze Counters from Futureglass

When you are working with food and the public it is vitally important to ensure that your product never becomes contaminated with foreign bacteria. Investing in a custom sneeze counter is a great way to ensure the hygiene of your food is never compromised whilst allowing you to display your products.

Futureglass custom sneeze counters are made to your measurements so you can be sure that they will fit. Our counters are made from toughened glass and supplied in three different standard thickness’ giving you the reassurance that your counter is built to last.

Sneeze counters allow you to keep your food both fresh and sanitary, whilst also allowing you to display it however you wish. Futureglass custom sneeze counters are perfect for commercial kitchens, catering services and retail display, to find out more about our custom sneeze counters click here.

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