Seating Arrangements: FAQ

Tables come in a wide range of heights and sizes and so it can be confusing trying to work out how many people you might be able to fit around your table, so we thought we would put together this handy guide to shed some light on the situation and hopefully provide you with an answer to your questions.

The truth is, we cant actually tell you how many people could theoretically fit around your table due the amount of variables involved, how big is your table? what purpose is it going to serve? what kind of seating are you going to have? all of these things will effect your seating arrangements.

Smaller tables will, naturally, fit less people around them whilst bigger tables will allow for more people. The context you are to place your table in affects things as well, for instance if you were to place your table in the boardroom then it will likely fit less people. Boardrooms tend to be more formal spaces and as such often requires more personal space to fit people around resulting in less total people around your table. If your table were to be used for dining purposes however then you could likely fit more people around it, due to home dining tables tending to be more informal situations and therefore requiring less space per person.

As a general rule we advise that a 1500 diameter glass table could comfortably seat 8 people around it, however in less formal situations where personal space is less of an issue you could seat 10 or even 12 people, it really is a matter of context.

The type of chair you intend to use will also effect how many people can sit around your table, armed chairs tend to take up more space than those without arms and so will reduce the amount of potential seats you could have.

Due to these variables we cant really give you a straight forward answer to the question, how many people can fit around your table, however we are more than happy to give you an estimate on a case by case basis. At Futureglass we believe that when it comes to your furniture you should never have to settle for less than perfect, so we are more than happy to do whatever it takes to ensure that you get the right table size to fit your requirements. You can send us a CAD drawing so that we can show you a lay out of your glass table with the chairs positioned around.

To find out more about our range of tables and our selection of seating choices please click here.

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