Reception Areas from Futureglass

When potential customers and clients enter your building, the first thing they’re going to see is your reception and so it’s important that your reception area says the right thing.

This is why Futureglass produces a range of high quality contemporary glass reception desks. Our desks feature a number of customisation options and we even offer a bespoke service, so you can ensure that your reception fits into your corporate identity.

You can choose from a number of glass types, including standard toughened glass and low iron glass (for more information on low iron glass click here), we can sandblast your  desk, colour it and even include custom graphics so you can apply your logo, and with our bespoke service you can even design a desk to your own specifications.

When it comes to your business we believe that you should never settle for less than perfect, investing in your business shows that you believe in your company and helps to promote employee morale (but we already covered the importance of investing in your business here) and so Futureglass is always here to help you get nothing but the best for your workplace. To see our range of reception desking, seating and tables click here.

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