Power And Data Outlets, FAQ’S

Within many of our tables we offer the option for built in data and power outlets, and we know that with so many different options, styles and configurations choosing the right one for you can be daunting. So we thought we’d put together a handy little guide to help you make the choice that’s right for you.

Your first choice lays in what style of power outlet fits your needs best. You can choose between pull ups, which lift vertically from the table, or roll overs, which lay horizontally on the table and flip over for access. Both styles have their own individual merits and drawbacks, which we will go into here.

Pull up’s: Pull ups are cylindrical shaped modules, that raise up from the surface of your table, due to their design they are best suited for being installed in table legs or columns, so as to hide the cables and module underneath. Pull up’s generally come in two standard sizes, 80mm radius or 120mm diameter. The larger size allows you to be able to store your module whilst still being connected to it, allowing for functional saving.

Roll over’s: Roll over’s are normally rectangle shaped, that sit horizontally on your table requiring you to flip them over when needed. Roll overs tend to work better in coloured table tops, cable managed legs and glass cube bases as they hide the shallow profile underneath. Generally items can be plugged in and the roll over closed.

Both styles can be fitted with the same modules: power outlet, USB charging outlet, VGA data outlet and 3.5mm audio jack, you can also have more than one of each module depending on your personal requirements. If you have any more questions regarding power and data modules, please feel free to contact us.

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