8 thoughts on “12-seater-glass-dining-table

  1. Dennis Smith says:

    Request information re 12 seater glass top / chrome based dining table.

    Need to understand-
    1. Dimensions
    2. Can you send to Australia
    3. What is the cost of the table –
    – Net of transport
    – With transport
    – Self transportation


    1. Greg Whittle says:

      Default size for this table measures at 2200 x 1000 milimetres and retails at 2,760 pounds. We do in fact ship internationally however would need to know specifics in order to provide a cost for transportation.

  2. sabash chandar says:

    hi please reply
    whats the price ?
    can we change the chairs colour?
    how thick is the glass ?
    is the glass tinted?
    can you please send me more range of this type if you have ?
    we leave in london what about the dilivery ?

    1. Futureglass Blogger says:

      Good Morning,

      We make these to order, and so the price varies accordingly. We can produce tinted glass upto 10mm toughened or we have the chance to backpaint (colour the reverse) any other colour as a solid colour.


      There are more products to browse in this area, and the link shows options.

      We deliver to London regularly and given the size of the table it would be our own vehicle and installers.

      Many thanks

    1. Futureglass Blogger says:

      Good Morning,

      It is good news. We make the product to order so we can customise the fittings and the table to suit.

      Have a look at https://www.futureglass.co.uk/glass-furniture-at-home/furniture-for-dining/contemporary-glass-dining-tables/custom-mirror-based-glass-dining-table

      This gives more images and a few ideas. You can also browse the category as there are more products similar to this as we make large tables.

      Good luck and hope to hear from you soon.

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